Vitalii Solomin


Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis
Aizkraukles 21,
LV-1006, Riga, Latvia

PhD student at Riga Technical University,
Faculty of materials science and applied chemistry
Riga, Latvia

Education and experience

During my studies in secondary school I was interested in natural sciences, and, especially, in chemistry. So, after graduation from school, I’ve applied to Chemical Department of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine.

When I’ve become a BSc student I attended many courses, related to chemistry. There were Analytical, Organic, Physical Chemistry courses and Chemistry of High Molecular Compounds. All of them created strong chemical background in my mind, which serves me till now. During last years of my BSc studies, I’ve decided to obtain specialization in Organic Chemistry field, as the most impressive and interesting for me side of science.

Next, during my MSc studies at Institute of High Technologies of University under supervision of Dr. Igor Komarov, I’ve broaden my knowledge with some physical and biological interdisciplinary courses. Those subjects really help me today.

Additionally, starting from my 1st year of BSc studies, I’ve become chemist trainee at Enamine Ltd – company, working for development of new pharmaceutical building blocks. After several years I’ve received permanent position there, and worked till 2018 as a synthetic chemist.

ESR3 - Chemical synthesis of new two-component system inhibitors

Together with ESR1, 2 and 4, I’m working with bacterial two-component systems (TCSs). My exact aim – synthesis of compounds, which would be able to inhibit bacterial systems in the most efficient way.

In my investigations, of course, I am using most efficient and applicable approaches from organic synthesis. If pathways towards some substances are not developed yet – I need to find solution for appearing problem.

Results of ESR1 – Marco Albanese is very important for my job. Initially discovered by him structures of virtual compounds, I’m trying to obtain in real life. As soon as I’m obtaining final compounds, I’m sending them to ESR2 – Anmol Adhav, and ESR4 – Blanca Fernandez. These of my colleagues performing different tests to understand, whether some of compounds are interesting for further development.