13 August 2019

Two-day workshop in Riga

During the two-day workshop in Riga, the members of CARTNET organised and participated in a number of activities aimed at improving communication and collaboration between the group members.

First up on the agenda was a presentation session, where each participant got to update their colleagues on their project progress, discussing any issues encountered while receiving feedback and advice from the audience. Further in-depth discussions were continued over lunch at a Latvian restaurant where parts of the group took the opportunity to sample the Latvian cuisine. The day was finished off with a tour of the university, some sight-seeing in Riga, and an informal dinner.

Day two of the workshop was dedicated to smaller break-out sessions where the members split into groups to discuss various parts of research, taking the opportunity to benefit from each other’s experience and expertise. Informal presentations on bioinformatics and toxicology from different members took place, where the participants had the chance to ask questions and discuss strategies and solutions. Potential future voluntary sessions on basic bioinformatics and programming for those interested in learning more on this topic were also suggested. This was followed by team-bonding activities at the beach, with a big picnic. Parts of the group also decided to brave the Latvian temperatures and go for a dip in the Baltic sea.

The workshop ended with a big dinner where the researchers got to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Some pictures from the workshop: