26 November 2020

Please explain! New scientific podcast

Produced by CARTNET fellows Anaëlle Fait and Helena Leinweber.

Anëelle and Helena are third year Microbiology Phd students at the Veterinary and Animal Sciences Institute at the University of Copenhagen and of course also part of our CARTNET programme.

To distract themselves from the dauntingly fast approaching deadline, they decided to produce a podcast series called “Please explain!”, where they talk about different science topics in an easily digestable way.

The first episode is launched the 18.11.2020 in the course of the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week announced by the WHO. Conveniently this taps right into their work expertise and they explain for example how antimicrobials work and why it’s important to take antibiotics as prescribed. There might or might not be fun facts about squids (#Schroedinger’s squid).

In our second episode of "Please explain!", Helena explains why eating hot soup might be the only cure for your obligatory autumn cold. We also talk about how vaccines work and why they are so important for global health. Bonus: showing off our incredible sound effect skills while taking you on a time travel to 17th century England.

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