21 February 2022

CARTNET Symposium, September 2021

The CARTNET symposium was held in Valencia September 25-27th 2021 with participation of all the ESRs, their supervisors and invited speakers. The sessions started with the project coordinator Hanne Ingmer giving an overview of the project progress – including status on deliverables and on communication/dissemination – and information on upcoming reporting. 

Subsequently, the ESRs presented their work with important progress both in the results obtained and published publications. As examples of the contributions are for example the analysis of biosynthetic gene clusters in unculturable Antarctic soil bacteria; in phages targeting poultry pathogens, in molecular interactions between phage and MRSA strains, in plasmid born antibiotic resistance and in chemical synthesis and discovery of novel antimicrobial compounds targeting two component systems and being synthesized by actinomycetes. 

To be highlighted were also 4 podcasts that as part of the series "Please explain!" addresses antimicrobial resistance, viruses, beneficial microbes and gender gaps in microbiology.